Top 5 Divas

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Covering both men and women, the Anderson and Bryan list off the TOP 5 DIVAS.  They discuss their favorites of some of the most self-absorbed, difficult characters.

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Featured Artists: Jesus And The Rabbis, Lady Pista, Gloria’s Fold, Grover Anderson, Natalie Wells, Tyler Scruggs

List of Films Discussed

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3 Responses to Top 5 Divas

  1. Will McPherson

    I watched A Serbian Film on YouTube like 2 months ago. Was simple to find. Had English subtitles, only issue was I had to watch it in 7 increments. That said, if ever there was a film that could benefit from 6 intermissions, this might be it. “It’s a good little genre flick.”

  2. Peter Samuelson

    Please do not break up the show into flickfession one week and the top 5 the next week.

  3. Sharena S.

    Loved the talk/review on I Am Not Your Negro. Specifically, Anderson’s view on it.