Top 5 Oscar Locks 2017

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Call your bookie after listening to Anderson and Bryan’s TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS 2017.  As they do ever year, they’ll each discuss five sure-things to happen at this year’s Academy Awards.

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7 Responses to Top 5 Oscar Locks 2017

  1. Dan

    “Ron Lester snub” is kinda a bullshit lock by Bryan. It wouldn’t really be a snub to leave Ron Lester out of the In Memoriam for the Oscars, it would actually be really weird if they had him in there. It’s very sad he passed away but he was only in a handful of movies in his life, none of which were really notable in a way that would make someone be recognized at the Oscars.

    • Kyle K

      Bryan also once stated that Ryan Dunn’s (Jackass) exclusion proved his snub prediction.

  2. usffan

    All I could think of after hearing Anderson talking about Franks was the SNL skit:

  3. Will McPherson

    After Earth ” wasn’t that bad”?? Come on guys, a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan, showcasing the worst actor the silver screen has ever seen (Will Smith’s son) needs to be criticized. We do not need movies being made starring famous actor’s untalented children. That little fuckface not only made The Day the Earth Stood Still remake unwatchable, but also made the Karate Kid reboot harder to watch than a coat hanger abortion. I would rather watch a film starring a bag of shit stained dildos.

    • Newton

      …but how do you REALLY feel?

      actually, that last comment was hilarious..

    • Zach

      If you lost the segment to Bryan, you just might have to watch that film…

      • Zach

        *gambling segment