Top 5 Bill Paxton Performances

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To pay tribute to the late, great Bill Paxton, Anderson and Bryan are sharing their TOP 5 BILL PAXTON PERFORMANCES.  They discuss why he was one of a kind as well as what made his roles so memorable.

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Featured Artists: The Subway Surfers, The Heatheners, Still Life, Moonwalker Boombox and Atheist, The Dead Ships, Mr. Nissness

List of Films Discussed

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5 Responses to Top 5 Bill Paxton Performances

  1. Moviejunkieofslc

    Why doesn’t anyone keep track of movies each person says they never see? Anderson couldn’t think of what to assign Bryan (because he’s too busy trying to think up lame movies to make him watch that he pretends to enjoy like A Serbian Film) when Bryan had just admitted he hadn’t seen a good movie, Twister, and a great movie, Cop Land! There are so many amazing classics each has not seen, yet Anderson is too focused on making Bryan watch vile movies so everyone knows how “edgy” he is. We get it Anderson! Now how about assigning good movies (like you did today). It would be great if Logan just jotted down the movies they say they haven’t seen.

  2. David Mendoza

    Thank you Logan for correcting Bryan as needed on LOGAN and the importance of the R rated content in it. The shocking violence is emblematic of Logan’s(the producer) impending violent outburst that will bring a timely end to Brian’s disservice of film waxing.

    • Kyle K

      This was a good movie, and a great one for anybody who appreciates skull trauma from adamantium blades. I very much appreciated the R rating and was left considering how this young child’s life would turn out; savagely killing so many men before she had reached adolescence.

  3. Costaricardo

    I have been listening for many a year now, I agree with 30% of what you guys say, but it’s great to see things in different ways… that is why I was so surprised to see how Bryan is becoming “more” Anderson and vice-versa, it’s called you guys prob agree with 30% of each other comments too….

  4. Costaricardo

    Btw and sorry is in a different comment, but I just saw Hands is stone(thanks Anderson) and as a costarrican growing up in the zone and visiting Panama all the time in the 70s/80s, it’s as close as you would ever see a doc be, also I recommend my daughter, who’s kind of like Anderson, all he watches. She loves human centipede 1, 2 but she thought 3 wasn’t great…. another ? to Bishop, I live in Carpinteria. Is the theater here still owned by you know who?