Listener Questions VII

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Groupers began production this week, but Anderson and Bryan still found time to answer the questions you asked us online.

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3 Responses to Listener Questions VII

  1. Evan

    I can’t believe that Robert Redford would use the N-word! I used to respect him as a person and an actor, but now, I just don’t think I can. It’s so disappointing to learn that about him. Also, I am extremely upset to hear that he grabbed producer Anne’s private area. That is totally not cool! In fact, I think it could even be considered assault. Smh

  2. Momofthree

    Talking about La la Land, has anyone noticed that the song Audition(the fools that dream) sung by Emma Stone sounds a lot like The Rainbow Connection sung by Kermit the frog in The Muppet Movie?

  3. Zach

    I legit thought Bryan made a very well-timed, hilarious, almost self-deprecating joke when he said, “You’d have to ask my AV guy.” I laughed really hard thinking, “Oh that’s perfect! He’s in on the joke!” But then he was serious. Possibly the douchiest thing ever said in podcast history. He does learn from Carolla after all.