Classic | Top 5 Character Actors (guest: Michael Biehn)

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Anderson is just finishing up week 2 of Groupers production, so we’ve dug a recently-referenced classic out of the vault.  Michael Biehn sits down with Anderson and Bryan to discuss the TOP 5 CHARACTER ACTORS in what truly is a classic episode of The Film Vault.

Download – Duration: 1:42:48

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4 Responses to Classic | Top 5 Character Actors (guest: Michael Biehn)

  1. Popcorn Slayer

    Good pod – I’m a longtime fan of Michael Biehn. He’s starting to sound like Bruce Dern.

  2. Scott

    Bryan’s voice always sounds so much higher in these old shows, Anderson sounds the same.

  3. James S

    I haven’t listened to a Carolla (future far less successful Howard Hughes) podcast in over a year, but I’m amazed he had female employees at one time.

  4. Andrew

    Excellent episode. Not as awkward as I remember it being the first time around. Biehn was very engaging.