“Groupers” Set Visit

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During the film’s last week of production, Bryan visits the set of “Groupers” armed with a recorder to see how Anderson is holding up.  He spends some time talking to Anderson about how the film is coming along as well as what types of challenges he has faced over the past couple of weeks.  Bryan also talks with two listeners that volunteered their time to help out on set.

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One Response to “Groupers” Set Visit

  1. Michael P. Gowdy

    Andy, I’m not a fan of your movie tastes, but I hope that your film will kick ass.

    You have many more experiences and much more to offer than a typical twenty-something who is using dad’s credit card to pay for his first feature. I’m eager to watch it.

    When I attended the screening of so many short films at The Chinese Theater, I noticed that your short was one of the few shorts that was actually coherent. Obviously few people can actually make good films.