Top 5 Modern Directors We’d Hire For Propaganda Films

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Inspired by last week’s flickfession of Five Came Back, a listener suggested Anderson and Bryan choose the TOP 5 MODERN DIRECTORS WE’D HIRE FOR PROPAGANDA FILMS.  They agreed, and the guys discussed who they thought had the vision and ability to influence public opinion best during a time of war.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Modern Directors We’d Hire For Propaganda Films

  1. Kyle K

    I remember when Anderson promised Cinema dicks would never interfere with TFV. We now have 33% less flickfessions, compromised gambling results, and open hostility between our hosts.
    The smug one has not started his own movie podcast, as far as I know. 2 years and counting.
    I love Anderson, but talk about handball against the curtains…

  2. patrick

    Anderson, gemma arterton was also one of the main characters/”talking heads” in “the voices”

    • huellhauser

      Was coming here to say that. Classic Andy.