Top 5 Transactions


Anderson and Bryan pay up on the TOP 5 TRANSACTIONS.  They discuss their favorite scenes where money, or goods, exchange hands.





Download – 1:34:12

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6 Responses to Top 5 Transactions

  1. Evan

    I marked out SO hard when Logan started playing Always! This was my song back in the early 90s. Thank you Bryan for keeping it going and singing along while Anderson was trying to continue with the show. You have gained an enormous amount of respect from me.

  2. ClarenceWhorkey

    Always is such a bad song.

  3. Kyle K

    I guess Brain Candy featured no transactions.

    Has Logan still not seen Room? I remember him plugging his ears while our hosts previously discussed it at the end of an episode, and argued over perceived real life betrayals.
    It’s currently streaming on Amazon. Not as heavy as I feared. The kid is amazing.

    • Michael P. Gowdy

      “I guess Brain Candy featured no transactions.”

      Beautiful burn.
      Just. Beautiful.

  4. huellhauser

    Bryan’s hatred of the Stan Lee cameos is a bit ridiculous. They’re harmless.

  5. Andy

    R.I.P. Mary Tsoni, from Dogtooth