Top 5 Stabbings

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Anderson and Bryan take a shot at the TOP 5 STABBINGS.  They discuss the scenes involving the violent act that stood out most to them.







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10 Responses to Top 5 Stabbings

  1. Will McPherson

    The Raid 2 is a masterpiece. Greatest action sequences ever put to film. Also, how the fuck do you guys not remember the stabbing scene from Blue Ruin? It’s the basis of the entire story.

  2. Zach

    I want Bald Bryan’s quick assessments of movies put on their respective dvd covers.

    Prometheus: “Sometimes it’s an A-… sometimes it’s a C-… I guess I’d give it a B+.” -Bryan Bishop

    Blood Simple.: “It’s Hitchcockian, it’s Spielbergian, it’s Anton Chigurh-esque.” -Bryan Bishop

    Killing Them Softly: “I liked it really a lot.” -Bryan Bishop

    • Michael P. Gowdy

      I revisited Prometheus after I watched the Alien: Covenant disaster. That movie looks like fucking Citizen Kane by comparison.

      If humanity were as stupid as the characters that are in that movie then the David android would have a point– we wouldn’t deserve to live.

      “Hmmmmm… homicidal robot that seems bent on destroying the human race through biological weapons? SURE, I’ll follow you toward those alien eggs that are in that dark corridor.”


      • Will McPherson

        Yeah Covenant was such a ” disaster” that it made you want to immediately rewatch the movie it was a sequel to. What kind of a shit-tard complains about a face-hugger scene in an Alien movie? Just because you (the viewer) has all that information doesn’t mean that dumbfuck does you dumbfuck. If a guy peering into an egg is too ludicrous for you than you should’ve been done after the first one. If Fassbender would’ve fucked himself it would be your favorite movie of all time.

        • Michael P. Gowdy

          Let me use an analogy that your walnut sized wit might comprehend: you’ve just seen a redneck let his pitbull run wild on your friend. As you approach it to kill it the redneck says, “naw, just be gentle– you’ve gotta understand that it’s the perfect killin’ machine” or words to that effect with all of the coolness of a psychopath who couldn’t possibly care less about your friend. Then he proceeds to show a massive collection of C 40 and automatic weapons to you (and with your intellect I would assume that you would still be hanging around at that point). Even with all of this insane telegraphing, would you proceed to follow him down a dark corridor? What am I asking? Of course you would.

          Eat more lead chips, dipshit.

          • Will McPherson

            Cool pitbull analogy dude….. People making stupid decisions in an Alien movie doesn’t make it bad. If so, then all Alien movies suck. Plausibility is not a reasonable critique of a Science FICTION film. Who cares if some characters made horrible decisions? Humans make dumbass decisions all the time , I mean, just look at your last post. I already knew you were a loser, now I know you’re fucking stupid too.

  3. Zach

    Also, bonus TV stabbing scene: Ryan McPoyle fork stabbing Charlie in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. “YOU JUST GOT FORK STABBED!”

  4. moviejunkie

    Why do you have so much contempt for your listeners? I loved that scene in Drive BECAUSE I wasn’t expecting it. Thank goodness I didn’t hear you talk about it and ruin that scene before I saw it. It shouldn’t matter how old a movie is, not everyone watches as many movies as you do (myself not included), so when you blow reveals you ruin part of the enjoyment for everyone that hasn’t seen it yet. Anderson refers to this movie as a “Service”, that service apparently includes ruining the enjoyment of certain movies.

  5. Scott Wiedmeyer

    Regarding the episode art, I already gave Logan the highest-resolution version I have. Thanks for the kind words, though.

  6. Mervin Malkovis Jr.

    Very on topic episode guys.

    Don’t forget 1983’s A Blade in The Dark an Italian cinema director. It’s pretty much all stabbings.