Top 5 Actors Playing Multiple Roles

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With personalities as split as the hosts, Anderson and Bryan run through the TOP 5 ACTORS PLAYING MULTIPLE ROLES.  They each discuss their favorite multi-performances within a single film.



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8 Responses to Top 5 Actors Playing Multiple Roles

  1. Momofthree

    I was going to let it go because it is a TV show but when Anderson mentioned Deadwood the absence of Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black was inexcusable. She won last years Emmy for playing like 12 different characters on the same show. Often they are in the same shot. There are scenes with 4 of the characters dancing or 2 of the characters holding hands. The plot of the show is crazy but watching Maslany is so much fun.

    • Evan

      This is not TV Vault

      • Momofthree

        But THEY mentioned a TV show.

  2. dan koz

    how the hell does mel brooks not get mentioned

    • Dolewhite

      Anderson has a Mel Brooks block.

      Bryan has the chemo.

  3. Jason

    What the heck is the name of the song that opened up this ep? I heard it on another episode a year or so ago and it’s driving me crazy! I checked the 6 bands listed as featured artists, and combed through most of their work but no luck finding that song… help please?

    • dominico

      “Wasted on the young” by Union Specific according to Shazam

  4. Jason


    Thank you so much!