Top 5 Great Movies With Horrible Titles

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Anderson and Bryan dive deep in to the often overlooked TOP 5 GREAT MOVIES WITH HORRIBLE TITLES.  They discuss why they like each of their picks, and explain how their titles don’t do them justice.







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13 Responses to Top 5 Great Movies With Horrible Titles

  1. Will McPherson

    I love how Bryan reiterated all show about how the criteria for his list was it had to be a great movie. Then he goes on a tangent about how J.C. Chandor shit the bed and A Most Violent Year could’ve been a great movie but wasn’t.

  2. Daniel Ammon

    Thats surprising, Anderson doesn’t like Wonder Woman. I thought he said he wasn’t a hipster

  3. Momofthree

    I will agree that Wonder Woman was formulaic and I will add that I generally don’t care for superhero movies. That is why I was so shocked at how much I enjoyed WW (as did my teenage daughter). I can’t explain it except to say that as a woman it was like getting a large glass of ice water before you even realized you were thirsty. I almost enjoyed it more because there was nothing new or unique except for a kickass woman in the lead role.

  4. Eric Fusco

    Do the spoil the hell out of Wonder Woman, the way they do with all super hero movies? As soon as they mentioned they’d both seen it I stopped listening.

    That said, I’m the guy who created this weeks episode pic.

    • Ronald

      Great art makes you think.

  5. Paul B.

    Bryan’s gonna get so much “actually, Wonder Woman was made from clay…” nerd tweets this week.

  6. Kyle K

    I was watching Locked Up Abroad a few years back, and they we interviewing a former UN peacekeeper. He was stationed deep in the continent of Africa, and was traveling with local tribesmen who were known(knowen) cannibals. He asked one of the men, “Is it true that human flesh tastes like pig?”
    “I wouldn’t know”, he replied, “I am Muslim.”

  7. Dan C.

    Anyone remember the Min-sik Choi film discussed in this episode?

    I miss the ‘list of films discussed’ feature.

    • Patrick

      I saw the devil?

  8. Trav

    Anderson, i love you man, but sometimes you’reyou are just insufferable.

    • Michael P. Gowdy

      I listen to this show maybe once every five weeks now. Several episodes ago when he said that Guardians 2 got him slightly on board the superhero movie train I shut it down immediately. The guy who is also complaining that comic movies are “kids shit” fell for the worst “kids shit” comic movie of all time? Kill yourself (not really).

      • Michael P. Gowdy

        *always complaining

      • Cheroth Cutestory

        Gowdy’s a douche