Top 5 Surgeries

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After a usual round of Flickfessions, Anderson and Bryan scrub up for the TOP 5 SURGERIES.  Their picks for their favorite scenes range from those set in a medical environment, to some more improvised atmospheres.



Download – Duration: 1:50:14

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5 Responses to Top 5 Surgeries

  1. cchase

    Spies Like Us

  2. Kyle K

    I wish a close friend or family member would let Bryan know how ridiculous ” a-ight” sounds coming from his normally loquacious mouth.
    Black Hawk Clown is a funny sketch I would watch.
    Soldiers stuffing cotton back into a wounded circus clown’s crotch area. Tessa and Atticus could watch so much worse,

  3. Pringle

    The intro song was exceptionally a-ight and I tried to find it but couldn’t. Any ideas which artist it was? Checked a lot of Future Idiots, but couldn’t find it.

    • Logan

      Hey Pringle, the song is called “Insidious Fear” and it’s from Future Idiot’s album “Lust.”

  4. Rtroger

    Boys- i’m digging these long episodes. Keep talking, Anderson..