Top 5 Decapitations

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Anderson and Bryan lose their heads over the TOP 5 DECAPITATIONS.  From beheadings to gunshot wounds, their lists vary greatly, but with a surprising lack of horror films.

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13 Responses to Top 5 Decapitations

  1. J B

    No audio file posted..?

  2. Alex

    I have inventory at work today. I NEED THIS

  3. Wesssssss

    Logan, you’re fired.

  4. Richard

    You can get it on Stitcher but still still Logan you are fired!!

  5. Evan

    Anderson’s slow descension into full-blown SJW is very disappointing.

  6. Michael P. Gowdy

    To: Andy’s Office of Disinformation
    From: The Office of Michael P. Gowdy

    Item 1: You repeatedly called the late, legendary Stan Winston “SAM Winston.”

    Item 2: You stated that “Sam Winston” did the effects for “The Thing.” A man named named Roy Arbogast– who signed my “The Thing” poster LAST WEEK– was the leader of the effects crew. “Sam” had a tertiary role on the film as “additional makeup– uncredited.”

    …………Jeeeeeesus christ, buddy.

    • Cheroth Cutestory

      Gowdy’s a douche

  7. Lee

    Can you go back to calling it Netflix? its been like seven years tired of hearing Fuckflix every week

  8. Alex

    Can Bryan never have the god damn sniffles again?

  9. Wallygatorca

    Anderson, Gowdy’s right, give Rob Bottin his credit where it’s due. He did 90%+ of Carpenter’s The Thing (Winston only contributed to part of the dog scene). He also, crushed it with the movie, The Howling and that transformation scene, which rivals Baker’s work of American Werewolf in London. Also, Bottin has done quite a bit since the early 80s too, look him up…

    • Wallygatorca

      Guess, I’m the douche for backing up Gowdy and not reading.
      The Thing was primarily Bottin’s, not Arbogast’s

      • Michael P. Gowdy

        I spoke at length with Arbogast about the scenes. He never mentioned Bottin. But it’s all entirely irrelevant because we both agree that Winston had almost nothing to do with it.

  10. Mark P

    Sounds like you finally got some of that Netflix money, how much did they pay for that The Big Sick native ad?