Top 5 Writer-Director Dream Pairings

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Anderson and Bryan ponder their TOP 5 WRITER-DIRECTOR DREAM PAIRINGS.  They play cupid for their perfect couples of filmmakers.

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Featured Artists:

Featured Artists:

  1. Crash Kit
  2. Phontaine
  3. The Bush Leaguers
  4. The Sound Objective
  5. Youth Culture
  6. The Winter Sounds
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4 Responses to Top 5 Writer-Director Dream Pairings

  1. Will McPherson

    Bryan’s full of shit….. He hasn’t seen Enemy.

  2. Jude Wells

    Theory: The Driver from ‘Drive’ is Will Hunting. I have many articulate, ironed out points, solidifying this theory as valid. May I come on the show to discuss?

  3. Anonymous

    Some pretty significant irony in the discussion about Detroit and how things now are so much better after this weekend, Charlottesville, and the president revealing himself to be a literal neo-nazi apologist.

  4. Dan Albert

    During your discussion of Wind River, you mentioned that you liked Elizabeth Olsen, and that she’s “not one of the Olsen twins.” She’s actually their younger sister.