Classic – Top 5 Drug Addicted Characters

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While Bryan is on vacation, he and Anderson dug one of the oldest classic episode aired to date out of the vault.  From back when The Film Vault was a radio show, it’s TOP 5 DRUG ADDICTED CHARACTERS.

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2 Responses to Classic – Top 5 Drug Addicted Characters

  1. Michael P. Gowdy

    Aaaawwwwwww. You guys re-posted a date approximate show in honor of the tenth anniversary of my move to L.A. on August 28. I’m so honored.

    But seriously, the talk about Juno’s screenplay was especially sentimental to me because I remember studying it in film school at the time. People rightfully HHHHHAAAAATE that film now. In those days I was in my late twenties and getting it on with a 19-year-old who had a bubble butt and long, flowing hair– who has since cut her hair short and has numerous tats. #millennials Life was much better.

    Good episode.

  2. Cheroth Cutestory

    Gowdy’s a douche