Top 5 Sacrifices

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Anderson and Bryan discuss their TOP 5 SACRIFICES.  From live, beating hearts to fried chicken, each of their lists involves the death of some living being.

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5 Responses to Top 5 Sacrifices

  1. Kyle K

    Great show. The topic was unremarkable, but the comedic banter was great. When Anderson starts an episode mad at Bryan, it is usually a great sign for the listener.

  2. Michael P. Gowdy

    Some of the funniest moments on this show are when Bryan cracks a joke and he (and sometimes even Andy) notes that Logan laughed.
    “I want to note that Logan is STILL laughing at that one.”

    I think that it’s partly because I get very self-congratulatory and petty after my own performances.

  3. Cheroth Cutestory

    Gowdy’s a douche

  4. Gkesslau

    I believe it was Neal Jordan directed Interview with the Vampire.


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