Top 5 Heroic Sacrifices

Anderson is back from vacation and ready to tackle the TOP 5 HEROIC SACRIFICES with Bryan.

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6 Responses to Top 5 Heroic Sacrifices

  1. Momofthree

    I am so sick of Andersen saying how much he hated Bing Bong. Don’t you understand that you, as an adult, are supposed to find Bing Bong annoying?

  2. Hendershot737

    Isn’t saying Sean Young being in Blade Runner 2049 a spoiler? Lame.

    • Kyle K

      A bit of a spoiler, yes. The better question would be; ”Is it a big deal that it was a spoiler?”
      If it was Anderson who spoiled, it is not. Since it was Bryan, it is.

  3. Kyle K

    I completely agree about Bladerunner 2049. Didn’t care so much about the plot, but it was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen and heard on screen.
    Also, I thought the faction Officer K meets towards the end was setting up a sequel, which is why they didn’t have much to do with the plot in this film.

  4. Trenton

    The guys explaining that Hunger Games is like Battle Royale was hilarious, way more people listening have seen/no what Hunger Games are over Battle Royale. Regardless of what game first.

  5. SuperEggman

    It’s been a couple of weeks now and I find myself saying “Shhhocking” just like Brybry when talking about Okja. 😌