Top 5 Drug Lords

Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 DRUG LORDS.  Leaving the lower level dealers for another episode, their lists focus on the big bosses.

Download – Duration: 1:55:36

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4 Responses to Top 5 Drug Lords

  1. moviejunkie

    Movies where the good guys start at the bottom and fight their way to the top:

    The Protector (Tony Ja)
    Game of Death (Bruce Lee, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Chuck Norris)

  2. Kyle K

    Never thought Half Baked would get love on TFV.
    My favorite scene is Harland William’s opening salvo while meeting his fellow prisoners for the first time in the mess hall.
    “So, do you guys believe in angels, or…”

  3. Michael P. Gowdy

    The fact that Troy Duffy has remained silent about the ongoing Weinstein disaster causes me to wonder if he himself is a serial rapist or something.

  4. Goose

    Would Johnny Tapia from ‘Bad Boys 2’ not class?
    Lawyers get officers fired.
    Worth multi millions that uses dead bodies to transport.
    Has 2 mansions.
    Kills Russian Mob boss.
    Kills own man.
    Kidnaps DEA agent.