Top 5 Interrogation Scenes

After flickfessing the most recent Marvel film, among other, Anderson and Bryan get into the TOP 5 INTERROGATION SCENES.  They talk about their favorite scenes involving extracting information.

Download – Duration: 1:47:36

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5 Responses to Top 5 Interrogation Scenes

  1. Lee

    I saw THOR before this weeks show and when telling my friend about the movie I NEVER would have spoiled a funny cameo/reveal like the Damon one for him. Total lame move on Anderson’s part by doing so….

    • Michael P. Gowdy

      Agreed. I’m also surprised at how infuriated I got when Logan said, “The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are FAR BETTER.”

      Um… fuck to the NO. Among many other things, NOTHING in either Guardians movie (or in any comedy in many years) made me laugh as hard as Bruce Banner’s dramatic leap out of the spaceship.

  2. Joe Cramer

    Anderson is right, “Long Shot” is a great short documentary on Netflix!

    Good ep. For the record, I’d prefer to not have cameos revealed, because I find them fun. Austin Powers 3 for example. However, I watched Thor 3 and didn’t notice that the Matt Damon character was played by Matt Damon, so obviously my facial recognition skills need some work.

  3. Will McPherson

    I have not seen Thor 3. I have never seen a Thor movie. I never will see a Thor movie. Thor is gay.

  4. Jonathan Bueno

    I’m so disappointed by Anderson. I’m always behind him when the bald one wants to spoil things. I would’ve appreciated seeing the character and being surprised. Not cool that you don’t even practice what you preach. We all know you don’t like the generic superhero films but come on man.