Top 5 Recast Roles (Males)

With a major recast in the news, the guys decided it was time to talk about the TOP 5 RECAST ROLES.  Starting off with the men, they share a little knowledge of who was originally supposed to play some of their favorite roles.

Download – Duration: 2:01:01

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6 Responses to Top 5 Recast Roles (Males)

  1. Trav

    How is it none of the 3 of you know how to pronounce Aragorn. There’s like 12 hours of movies with people saying his name, and almost an entire film centered around his character.

    Aragorn. Air-ah-gorn. Jesus.

  2. Chris

    Please don’t put betting polls only on Facebook or Twitter I don’t use ether. Do it here on your website if you must you really have the desire to ruin the rotten tomatoes betting game.

  3. Mark P

    Anderson briefly mentioned doing Top 5 Film Tragedies. I googled it, because how many can there really be other than Twilight Zone? Came across Assistant Director John Jordan on imdb. Wow. Maybe you guys have enough material for a Top 5 after all.

  4. Will McPherson

    Justice League looks shittier than a German Shizer video. I would rather stick my entire head inside Oprah Winfrey’s ass for two and a half hours than watch that flaming turd of a film.

  5. Marcus

    The past few weeks I can’t enlarge the listener art. It’s hard to make out what’s going on in a 2″x2″ picture.

  6. Victor H

    Speaking of 2018 Oscars,
    Bryan, do you think Tilikum the Orca will get recognized in the “in memoriam” at the oscars?