Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers 2017 (guest: Rich DeMuro)

Tech expert Rich DeMuro is back for the annual TOP 5 GIFTS FOR THE FILM LOVERS episode.  The guys each present their lists of gifts they, or any movie lover, would love to get for the holidays.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers 2017 (guest: Rich DeMuro)

  1. Will McPherson

    I haven’t watched “Billboards” yet, but I did see Three Dildos Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It was pretty good. Fine performances from Sam Cock-well and Fran-slit McDormand.

  2. Jude Wells

    As a six-year listener with the ability to recall any memory I believe I should point out that on the original episodes featuring Raid Redemtion and Dredd [Years ago], Anderson introduced Dredd to Bryan as an accredited American remake of Raid Redemption. Somehow in all of this (my theory is it was to appear intellectually superior to Anderson) Bryan acted like Donald Trump and made up some logic about that premise being very prevalent in films and not only proving it’s not a remake but it is unintelligent to make the assumption. It’s not an assumption, it is fact and it is how you were originally introduced to the move; FROM ANDERSON. Stop Trump’ing, Bryan. Not saying anything while Anderson talked about the call made by the landlord in Raid Redemption and then cheekily bringing up how similar it was in Dredd (A REMAKE), was terrible podcasting. Come on. If this is read and or internalized by you I cannot wait until you look to grammatical errors to disprove what went on. I love the show and will assume it was a minor character flaw mixed with not remembering something that happened four years ago (fair).

    • Giblet

      Dredd was not an ‘accredited [sic] American remake of Raid Redemption [sic]’ (methinks you need to look up ‘accredited’ and also check the use of the definite article with respect to the latter movie’s title), and nor did Anderson originally introduce it as such. Your memory is flawed.

      Dredd was brought to the show as exactly what it is: an excellent film with a setup that was coincidentally similar to The Raid Redemption. If your point is that Bryan is a dick, then I agree, but most of what you have written is illiterate nonsense.