Classic: Top 5 Prison Films [Previously Unreleased]

Unearthed from deep within the vault, Anderson and Bryan present the TOP 5 PRISON FILMS.  Recorded in 2007, before The Film Vault was even a podcast, this Top 5 has not been previously released.

Download – Duration: 1:22:15

Featured Artists:

  1. The Sound Objective
  2. Kickbush


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7 Responses to Classic: Top 5 Prison Films [Previously Unreleased]

  1. Will McPherson

    If you’re reading this, and you like Brigsby Bear, fuck you. If it’s on your top 10 list then please, please go drive your car off a fucking bridge. Do us all the favor. I would rather eat a bowl of Danny Trejo’s ass hair, than be subjected, again to that uninteresting, lame, pathetic excuse of a film. It fucking sucks. It ruined my day, hell it ruined my year. Fuck that movie and fuck the retarded fuckface that made it.

  2. Will McPherson

    Let me guess, Bryan won’t like Brawl in Cell Block 99. It’s boring and overlong. He doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. He’s not impressed with Zahler’s writing and watching Vince Vaughn just made him wish he was watching Swingers. Probably thought that the effects looked silly and doesn’t get the fact that they were supposed to. It’s simply too good of a film for him to enjoy. He might as well of just watched Lady in the Water.

  3. Bill L

    Bald Bryan 2007 – “I don’t think vampires really do well at the box office.”
    Oh boy…

    • Dano

      Ha ha, I caught that too. That combined with “there’s not that many prison movies”. Our Bryan has grown up a bit.

  4. Jeff

    What is the song that is playing around 38 minute mark. Anderson says who it is but I can’t understand.

  5. Stacey E.

    In answer to Jeff’s question, Paul Oakenfold. I’ve never heard of him but Googled the name when I listened to that section of the podcast. He does trance music, so it’s likely him. I tried replying to this before, and it doesn’t seem to have gone through. It probably will now that I’ve answered it twice.

  6. daniel

    I don’t think Anderson and Bryan acted that different from today.

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