Top 5 Cat And Mouse Movies

The chase is on while Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 CAT AND MOUSE MOVIES.  They talk about their favorite films where a character pulls out all the tricks to evade their pursuer.

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9 Responses to Top 5 Cat And Mouse Movies

  1. Will McPherson

    Wow, I can’t believe you guys fell for Brigsby Bear. Anderson calling it unique is just strange. I feel like it just borrowed from a million movies I’ve already seen. I love how chicks throw themselves at a nerdy ass wierdo in pajamas that will only talk about a children’s television show. Girls wanting to bang Pee-wee Herman would be more believable. It felt like the lamest of lame Saturday Night Live sketches. I would rather walk in on my wife blowing Magic Johnson than watch this rotten turd of a film again.

  2. Michael P. Gowdy

    I’m thinking about a conversation that I had about “Inglourious Basterds” with a German guy. When I met him he was going to return to his home country. Even though he was born and raised in west Germany, he had no trace of a German accent because his dad was an American who met his mother when he was stationed there as a soldier. Anyway, he could speak French (he lived just a few miles away from the French border), German and English fluently. When we were fairly deep in conversation I mentioned that it’s completely idiotic that Americans are impressed that Christoph Waltz spoke three languages in Basterds. He corrected me: “I think that he spoke four. I was impressed.” I said, “dude, you just said that YOU speak three languages, and Waltz himself admitted that he was just winging the Italian. It’s not a MIND BLOWING thing for Europeans to speak two or more languages.” He just chuckled and said, “yes, actually, you’re right.”

    Apparently there is a cognitive dissonance with that performance even with Europeans.

    • Cheroth Cutestory

      Suuuuuch a douche

  3. Chris

    You are driving me fucking nuts with your obsession of waiting to review movies until Bryan has seen them first. Bryan doesn’t like movies. Movies are leaving the theaters in my area before I get to hear your review.
    I don’t care if a movie is reviewed twice, it is annoying to hear you obsess about. I often prefer it, I sometimes forget how you have reviewed a movie and it is nice to get a reminder on the few that Bryan has caught up on.
    You don’t review movies on CinamaDicks anymore so please go back to the 3 Flickfessions per person per show format. This is the only place I get movie reviews from and its just not enough. You did one movie this episode, that’s fucking bullshit.

    Big Fan

    • Kyle K

      One of the few ways this great show has gotten worse in the last few years is during flickfessions. 6 movies allowed us listeners to sort through so many movies we may otherwise not consider.
      Nowadays, if Bryan and Anderson happen to flickfessions the same movie, we’re lucky get 3 movies total. One of which is a music documentary produced by a friend of Bryan’s. (Kidding)

  4. Michael P. Gowdy

    The Golden Globes voters should hang themselves. “Three Billboards” is absolute trash. In what fucking world can a man walk into an establishment then proceed to pistol whip an innocent man and woman, throw the man out of the store’s window, then beat him to within an inch of his life in full view of a police chief and expect to not get convicted of multiple felonies and misdemeanors? And why the hell would ANYONE in an audience want to continue to follow such a man’s life anyway? Fuck that moronic film and the Globes’ committee of morons.

    • Cheroth Cutestory

      Gowdy’s a douche

  5. daniel

    Too bad this was not on facebook for the listener top 5, the Norwegian movie Headhunters should be mentioned for sure, specially if you liked the Thomas Crown Affair.

  6. Nate Balcom

    Holy hell I will never look at Vince Vaughn the same again. Brawl in cell block 99 was as brutal as it was amazing. Great pull Anderson. Raw as fuck, but damn what a fun ride. Oh and the look on the aborsionists face when he was denied. I laughed out loud so inappropriately. Thanks for putting this brutal film in my sites. Rough, raw, fun.

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