Top 5 Journalists

Anderson and Bryan cover the TOP 5 JOURNALISTS.  They talk about their favorite reporters in film.

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6 Responses to Top 5 Journalists

  1. moviejunkie

    Hello Bryan. The part that you talked about the guy killing himself at a press conference and telling everyone to step back so no one gets hurt (you had referenced it from Faces Of Death I believe) was R. Budd Dwyer. You can still see the footage on Youtube and there is actually a really good documentary about him called Honest Man: The Life Of R. Budd Dwyer. It was pretty tragic. It was recently free on Amazon Prime, but doesn’t look like it is anymore.

  2. Scott Wiedmeyer

    Same episode art as last week? Someone fire Logan.

  3. Michael P. Gowdy

    If Charles Foster Kane was a cartoon djinn who cast a spell that made Pinocchio a real boy then Andy would love him.


  4. Lee

    Get to the flickfessions lads! I am tired of hearing Anderson complain week after week for 15 min before the show actually starts…….get to what you have watched. Life is short, no one cares about the behind the scenes disagreements

    • shawn

      I enjoy it


    Just went back and listened to the first film vault episode in the feed. It was recorded way back in 2011. When discussing the film Exporting Raymond, Anderson says “Fuck Russia”. He then ponders whether to apologize, before deciding that Russia won’t hear this anyways because they are “five years behind us”. In 2016, Russia attacked the U.S. Presidential election. Fuck you Anderson

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