Top 5 Football Movies

With some kind of big game happening this weekend, Anderson and Bryan coincidentally decide to tackle the TOP 5 FOOTBALL MOVIES.

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8 Responses to Top 5 Football Movies

  1. Termimus

    You guys absolutely need to see The Replacements. It’s a great movie with really memorable characters. One of my favorite comedies of all time. Probably my favorite performance by Jon Favreau as well.

  2. Marcus

    LOL at the art and why does Bryan’s teeth look like he swallowed a undersized football lol.

  3. Tim Rodgers

    Bryan lost a lot of credibility with me with his assessment of Dunkirk. Dunkirk is by far the best movie of the year and its not even close. Also, you never saw Wildcats? C’mon bro you can’t act smug about reviewing movies with your flawed taste.

    • Michael P. Gowdy

      The Oscars have lost me completely now. In a great year for movies, it has chosen one of the worst (Three Billboards) to win everything.

      “Dunkirk,” “I, Tonya,” “Darkest Hour,” “Disaster Artist,” etc. are five thousand times better than “Three Billboards.”

      I just saw Dunkirk for the third time in a 40 seat theater at 2:30. *27* people were there… at 2:30… on a Friday. I rank I, Tonya slightly ahead of it, but to each his own.

      • Michael P. Gowdy

        Sorry. I should clarify to people who aren’t in the know that Three Billboards hasn’t swept the awards yet– but it *will* because the same morons who do the other major awards ceremonies also wield the most power at that one.

  4. Kyle K

    Love Zoe A’s fan art. Fan’s art like these are a significant percentage of my enjoyment of the show.
    The only slight change I would make would be Bryan’s explanation being “I’m just quoting a movie!”
    Also Anderson calls him Bri-yen! when he’s really upset.

  5. Edson Bian

    So funny when Bryan starts to sing “Gangsta’s Paradise” & Anderson says “Alright I didn’t ask for the song to be sung to”. And when he says and much like you everyone’s like fuck this bitch. Lol I’m still laughing at that. Love this show

  6. James

    You guys need to give The Best of Times a chance. It has Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. It’s a great film about aging and football. What’s not to like.

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