Top 5 Female Child Actors

Anderson and Bryan pay tribute to the TOP 5 FEMALE CHILD ACTORS.  They also flickfess their love of Good Time and talk about what works in David Wain’s new film.

Download – Duration: 1:27:15

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12 Responses to Top 5 Female Child Actors

  1. Bik

    Anyone else experience the opening song too loud and not fading down when Anderson and Bryan began speaking? I could hardly hear them until the song ended!

    • Edson Bian

      Totally. Had a hard time hearing what they were talking about.

    • Bert

      Logan, you’re fired.

    • HW

      Ear purgatory

  2. Dirk Diggler

    Yes, you were not alone in this. Also, great job Anderson for mixing up Stranger Things and It, Bev Marsh was an only child.

  3. Jeff

    Jesus Christ, Logan. Rough.

  4. Chris

    First 3 minutes were in listenable

    • Chris


      • Eric

        Also the next 80

  5. Momofthree

    Natalie Wood

    And I am still waiting for your review of the best movie of the year so far Paddington 2.

  6. Michael P. Gowdy

    just watched “15:17 to Paris”..

    during the *opening scene* with the two mothers talking to the teacher, I thought, “and these are the trained, experienced actors… hoooollllyyyy shit.”


  7. Michael P. Gowdy

    Late last year these guys completely jinxed the awesome streak of early year films that we had during the last few years. 😉

    “It used to be that we hated almost all of the films that were released in January and February. Not anymore!”

    Since they made that statement we’ve been cursed with “Proud Mary,” “The Commuter,” “15:17 to Paris,” etc. 🤮

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