Summer Recap 2017

As another summer movie season winds to an end, Anderson and Bryan go through their SUMMER RECAP 2017. They talk about their favorite films of the past few More

Top 5 Uses Of The "F Word"

Working for this week's explicit rating, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 USES OF THE "F WORD." With clips to share, this episode is packed full of More

Top 5 Sacrifices

Anderson and Bryan discuss their TOP 5 SACRIFICES.  From live, beating hearts to fried chicken, each of their lists involves the death of some living More

Top 5 Smoking Scenes

Anderson and Bryan light up for the TOP 5 SMOKING SCENES. They each share their favorite moments in film that are made better by More

Classic - Top 5 Drug Addicted Characters

While Bryan is on vacation, he and Anderson dug one of the oldest classic episode aired to date out of the vault. From back when The Film Vault was a radio show, it's TOP 5 DRUG ADDICTED More

Top 5 Boat Movies

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Inspired by a recent trip of Bryan’s, he and Anderson set sail on the TOP 5 BOAT MOVIES.  They each discuss their favorite films that take place primarily at sea.

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Featured Artists: Jesus and the Rabbis, Tyler Scruggs, Inspector Owl, The Maladies Of Adam Stokes, The M-Tet, Kickbush

List of Films Discussed


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Kingsview is a Minneapolis Based indie-rock band. The band just released it’s first EP and is continuing to write new material and grow as a band. The group strives to pull together sets of a variety of unique and catchy tunes for people to enjoy. KV is led by singer-songwriters and brothers Brian and Joe Hendrickson who create the band’s music while utilizing their lyrical creativity. There is a true uniqueness to having dual songwriters in the same group. Each takes turns leading the song while the other supports with stunning harmonies as only brothers can do. Add in Peder Lindberg and Dan Lysaker on the drums and bass to keep the beat moving from song to song and the foursome is complete. Kingsview is heavily influenced by the masters of rock music, The Beatles. Similar artists of today are the Strokes, Guster and Jukebox the Ghost. The music will certainly keep the listener on their toes moving from acoustic ballads to driving, dance friendly rock to piano heavy, harmony-filled tunes. The band’s friendship shines through in their live performances with their energetic live shows and they are fast becoming a regular in the Twin Cities area music scene getting involved in fundraising events, music festivals and playing at Twin Cities bars and music venues. The band is equipped to play for any type of event and has an extensive cover list that they can perform.


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It all started in a basement with good friends getting together and having a good time, playing music. After many lineup changes and name changes, these guys finally found the right combination. Aaron is an old school thrash metal influenced guitarist with a very technical controlled style. Matthew adds a touch of class with his formally trained music ability. Chris comes from the heart of the metal scene, Texas. Formerly a death-metal drummer, he rips and roars on whatever kit he’s behind. Jackson is an unstoppable force with six (or seven) strings. Doug used to be the guitarist of this band and one day decided he would be a good front man…..the rest is history!

Mystery Kid

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A DIY record label that totally accepts unsolicited submissions. Specializing in everything and focusing on nothing since 2014.

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La Practica De Familia

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