Top 5 (Non-Superhero) Comic Book Movies

Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 (NON-SUPERHERO) COMIC BOOK MOVIES. No caped crusaders, or men of steel, but great films inspired by even better More

Top 5 Decapitations

Anderson and Bryan lose their heads over the TOP 5 DECAPITATIONS. From beheadings to gunshot wounds, their lists vary greatly, but with a surprising lack of horror More

Top 5 Worst Vacations

Anderson and Bryan talk about the TOP 5 WORST VACATIONS. Their lists include some horrible getaways that are both hilarious and More

Top 5 Actors We Wish Would Retire

With the unfortunate news that Daniel Day Lewis will be retiring from acting, Anderson and Bryan mull over the TOP 5 ACTORS THEY WISH WOULD RETIRE. They discuss who no longer has that ability to stand out on the silver More

Top 5 Franchise Killers

Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 FRANCHISE KILLERS. The films discussed were received so terribly that any future plans to continue the story were More

Top 5 Male Actors Cursed By Good Looks

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Anderson and Bryan objectify the TOP 5 MALE ACTORS CURSED BY GOOD LOOKS.  After flickfessing Hands of StoneThe Light Between OceansSOMM: Into The Bottle, and Holy Hell, they make their cases for why each actor on the list does not get the respect they deserve because of their handsome faces.

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Featured Artists: Ramona, The Lounge Act, In Gratitude, Ben Yonda & Brian Keenan, Common Alias, Plasma Cannon

List of Films Discussed

Summer Recap 2016

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Another season gone and another SUMMER RECAP 2016 is upon us.  Anderson and Bryan list off their favorite films of the past few months, after they flickfess The CounselorKubo and the Two StringsHell Or High Water, and Hands of Stone.

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Featured Artists: Marwood’s Fall, In Bloom, Marius Paxcow, The Royal Sound, Moosejaw, Tyler Stenson

List of Films Discussed

Top 5 Pets

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It’s all about the animals as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 PETS.  They each run down their list of favorite, mostly furry, companions.  Before that, they flickfess SlipstreamThe LobsterFat Kid Rules The World, and War Dogs.

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Featured Artists: The Mayberry Shift, Octopus/Caveman, Bisonte, Sean Russell, A Funk Band Named Machete, The Lounge Act

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Top 5 Actors We Lost To Superhero Films

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With superheroes dominating the box office for the past few months, Anderson and Bryan mourn the TOP 5 ACTORS LOST TO SUPERHERO MOVIES.  They discuss their frustrations of some great performers that have not been producing the same level of work after Marvel and DC snatched them up.  Flickfessions include Sausage PartyHow To Train Your DragonsPete’s DragonDon’t Think Twice, and Hell Or High Water.

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Featured Artists: Still Life, Natalie Wells, Kenisha K, Candy Cigarettes, Mother Belle, Grover Anderson

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Top 5 Cold Scenes

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Things cool off as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 COLD SCENES.  A great companion piece to HOT AND SWEATY SCENES from a few weeks ago, they each pick five great moments affected by a cold climate.  They also flickfess Train To BusanGleasonLights Out, and Suicide Squad.

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Featured Artists: Gloria’s Fold, Sons Of August, Still Life, The Heatheners, The Lion Faced Boy, The Ocean As Mistress

List of Films Discussed

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