Top 5 Opening Title Sequences

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Bryan flickfesses the movie he was assigned to watch by Anderson after losing last week’s Oscar bet.  Then, the guys get into the TOP 5 OPENING TITLE SEQUENCES which proves movies can be awesome before they even begin.  Before bringing the show home, Anderson and Bryan make another bet for next week’s episode.


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Featured Artist:  Moosejaw

Click here for a list of all the films discussed in this episode.


Top 5 Movies With The Character’s Name In The Title

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Before Anderson and Bryan go over their TOP 5 MOVIES WITH THE CHARACTER’S NAME IN THE TITLE, the results of their Oscar bet are revealed.  Find out which host has to watch a movie of the winner’s choosing before next week. More

The 2012 Vaulties

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It’s time to put 2011 to bed with THE 2012 VAULTIES.  Anderson and Bryan go over their favorite films from last year.  Then, the guys go over their picks for who will win which awards at this year’s Oscars. More