Top 5 Stabbings

Anderson and Bryan take a shot at the TOP 5 STABBINGS. They discuss the scenes involving the violent act that stood out most to More

Producer Diana

Filling in for Logan while he's on vacation, Diana Van De Kamp is running the board and the games for this week's episode. After a brief flickfession, Diana kicks off a round of Red Light/Green Light, including a theme song that she wrote for it, followed by a round of the IMDB Parent Guide More

Top 5 Transactions

Anderson and Bryan pay up on the TOP 5 TRANSACTIONS. They discuss their favorite scenes where money, or goods, exchange More

Summer Preview 2017

It's Bryan's time to shine as he and Anderson talk about the SUMMER PREVIEW 2017. Their lists are packed with both big budget blockbusters and smaller indie More

Top 5 Modern Directors We'd Hire For Propaganda Films

Inspired by last week's flickfession of Five Came Back, a listener suggested Anderson and Bryan choose the TOP 5 MODERN DIRECTORS WE'D HIRE FOR PROPAGANDA FILMS. They agreed, and the guys discussed who they thought had the vision and ability to influence public opinion best during a time of More

Top 5 Phone Calls

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Anderson and Bryan dial up the TOP 5 PHONE CALLS.  They discuss their favorite interactions over the telephone.

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Featured Artists: The Smug Saints, Spy Device, Stereoactive, Buzzyshyface, Devin Cuddy, Before Dawn, In Gratitude, Christin Nelson

List of Films Discussed

Top 5 Rich Characters

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Anderson and Bryan go to the bank with the TOP 5 RICH CHARACTERS.  Ranging from good to bad people, their lists include the best of the wealthy in film.  Filckfessions: 20th Century Women, Florence Foster JenkinsHacksaw Ridge, and Beware The Slenderman

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Featured Artists: The Coalition, Lovers & Poets, Dead Cat Hat, Scott Kay And The Continentals, Wareye, Candy Cigarettes, FM Pilots, A House For Lions

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Top 5 Explosions

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The fuse is lit as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 EXPLOSIONS.  They discuss some of the best scenes involving the best explosions in film, as well as this year’s Oscar nominations.

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Featured Artists: In Bloom, DJ T-Rock And Squashy Nice, Mr. Nissness, Octopus/Caveman, CoJack, Still Life

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Sundance Preview 2017

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Anderson and Bryan have sifted through dozens of Sundance Film Festival selections, and present the films from this year’s festival that they’re most excited for.

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Featured Artists: Mechanical Hall A, The Sanderlings, A Funk Band Named Machete, Smith & Weeden, Second Dam, Scott Kay And The Continentals, Cole Jarvis, Natalie Wells

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Top 5 Pool Scenes

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While we’re deep in to winter, Anderson and Bryan long for summer with the TOP 5 POOL SCENES.  They chat about their favorite moments set in or around a swimming pool. Flickfessions: Kung Fu HustleFencesSing Street, and La La Land.

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Featured Artists: Mother Belle, Aids Monkeys, The Natural Thrill, Annie Corbett, Wareye, The Shakers

List of Films Discussed