Listener Questions VII

Groupers began production this week, but Anderson and Bryan still found time to answer the questions you asked us More

Top 5 Movies We Can't Wait To Show Our Kids

Anderson and Bryan eagerly plan their children's curriculum with the TOP 5 MOVIES WE CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW OUR KIDS. They talk about the movies they have hand-selected to start the next generation of movie More

Top 5 Bill Paxton Performances

To pay tribute to the late, great Bill Paxton, Anderson and Bryan are sharing their TOP 5 BILL PAXTON PERFORMANCES. They discuss why he was one of a kind as well as what made his roles so More

The 2017 Vaulties

Anderson and Bryan middle down 2016's best films for THE 2017 VAULTIES. They also discuss the Oscars broadcast, including the fiasco at the More

Top 5 Oscar Locks 2017

Call your bookie after listening to Anderson and Bryan's TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS 2017. As they do ever year, they'll each discuss five sure-things to happen at this year's Academy More

Top 5 Movies That Feel Like Homework

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School is in session and Anderson and Bryan are assigning the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT FEEL LIKE HOMEWORK.  They discuss the films that they have always wanted to see, but avoided for one reason or another.  Flickfessions include The Beginning Of LifeSuicide SquadHardcore Henry, and The Magnificent Seven.

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Featured Artists: Janus 4-14, Crash Kit, Gloria’s Fold, Manatee, The Sound Objective, Natalie WellsThe Shakers, FM Pilots

List of Films Discussed

Baby Bishop

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Recorded and saved for the event of child birth, Anderson and Bryan answer questions from the listeners.  Before that, Diana Van De Kamp sits in for a round of Red Light/Green Light.

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Featured Artists: Burning Avalanche, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Plasma Cannon, Cody Hoffman

Fall Preview 2016

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As the potential Oscar nominees start trickling in to theaters, Anderson and Bryan look ahead at the FALL PREVIEW 2016.  They discuss their most anticipated films that will be released in the coming months, after flickfessing Bad MomsBatkid BeginsKing JackSully, and Who Took Johnny.

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Featured Artists: The Subway Surfers, Future Idiots, The Winter Sounds, Social Set, The Royal Sound, Octopus/CavemanYouth Culture, Lovers & Poets

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Top 5 Male Actors Cursed By Good Looks

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Anderson and Bryan objectify the TOP 5 MALE ACTORS CURSED BY GOOD LOOKS.  After flickfessing Hands of StoneThe Light Between OceansSOMM: Into The Bottle, and Holy Hell, they make their cases for why each actor on the list does not get the respect they deserve because of their handsome faces.

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Featured Artists: Ramona, The Lounge Act, In Gratitude, Ben Yonda & Brian Keenan, Common Alias, Plasma Cannon

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Summer Recap 2016

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Another season gone and another SUMMER RECAP 2016 is upon us.  Anderson and Bryan list off their favorite films of the past few months, after they flickfess The CounselorKubo and the Two StringsHell Or High Water, and Hands of Stone.

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Featured Artists: Marwood’s Fall, In Bloom, Marius Paxcow, The Royal Sound, Moosejaw, Tyler Stenson

List of Films Discussed