Top 5 Stabbings

Anderson and Bryan take a shot at the TOP 5 STABBINGS. They discuss the scenes involving the violent act that stood out most to More

Producer Diana

Filling in for Logan while he's on vacation, Diana Van De Kamp is running the board and the games for this week's episode. After a brief flickfession, Diana kicks off a round of Red Light/Green Light, including a theme song that she wrote for it, followed by a round of the IMDB Parent Guide More

Top 5 Transactions

Anderson and Bryan pay up on the TOP 5 TRANSACTIONS. They discuss their favorite scenes where money, or goods, exchange More

Summer Preview 2017

It's Bryan's time to shine as he and Anderson talk about the SUMMER PREVIEW 2017. Their lists are packed with both big budget blockbusters and smaller indie More

Top 5 Modern Directors We'd Hire For Propaganda Films

Inspired by last week's flickfession of Five Came Back, a listener suggested Anderson and Bryan choose the TOP 5 MODERN DIRECTORS WE'D HIRE FOR PROPAGANDA FILMS. They agreed, and the guys discussed who they thought had the vision and ability to influence public opinion best during a time of More

Top 5 Office Party Scenes

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Anderson and Bryan celebrate the TOP 5 OFFICE PARTY SCENES.  They each discuss their favorite picks for celebrations set in an office environment.

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Featured Artists: The Cameo In, Blue Winter, scyp, Ramona, The Sound Objective, See-You-Home-Wolf, Janus 4-14, Advocate

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers 2016 (guest: Rich DeMuro)

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Keeping with the annual tradition, tech expert Rich DeMuro joins Anderson and Bryan in making their lists of the TOP 5 GIFTS FOR FILM LOVERS.  They each give five suggestions of great gifts to get that special cinephile in your life.  Flickfessions: Can We Take A Joke?Loving, and Captain Fantastic

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Featured Artists: Aurora, Union Specific, The Heateners, Jay Lapp, The Wind, ManX

List of Gifts and Films Discussed

Top 5 Rotten Films

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Although must critics would disagree, Anderson and Bryan share their love of the TOP 5 ROTTEN FILMS.  They list off their favorite movies that have a score lower than 60% on RottenTomatoes.  Flickfessions: MoonlightThe Butcher Boy, and Arrival.

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Featured Artists: The Subway Surfers, Scott Kay and the Continentals, A Funk Band Named Machete, Wareye, The Royal Sound, Manatee, The Sanderlings, Social Set

List of Films Discussed

Top 5 OCD Characters

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Anderson and Bryan obsess over the TOP 5 OCD CHARACTERS.  After they flickfess Amanda Knox, Before Midnight, Doctor Strange, and Hacksaw Ridge, they start listing their favorite characters with obsessive habits.

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Featured Artists: Marwood’s Fall, Octopus/Caveman, The Winter Sounds, Phontaine, FM Pilots, August Premier, Collin Obremski

List of Films Discussed

Top 5 Political Documentaries

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The polls are in and Bryan and Anderson have the results of the TOP 5 POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES.  They each discuss their nominees for their favorite doc surrounding a political subject or scandal, after flickfessing Oasis: Supersonic and City of Gold.

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Featured Artists: The Bush Leaguers, Light Out For The Territory, The Smug Saints, Wareye, Good Talk Russ, Mr. Nissness, Blue Winter, Lovers & Poets

List of Films Discussed