Top 5 Stabbings

Anderson and Bryan take a shot at the TOP 5 STABBINGS. They discuss the scenes involving the violent act that stood out most to More

Producer Diana

Filling in for Logan while he's on vacation, Diana Van De Kamp is running the board and the games for this week's episode. After a brief flickfession, Diana kicks off a round of Red Light/Green Light, including a theme song that she wrote for it, followed by a round of the IMDB Parent Guide More

Top 5 Transactions

Anderson and Bryan pay up on the TOP 5 TRANSACTIONS. They discuss their favorite scenes where money, or goods, exchange More

Summer Preview 2017

It's Bryan's time to shine as he and Anderson talk about the SUMMER PREVIEW 2017. Their lists are packed with both big budget blockbusters and smaller indie More

Top 5 Modern Directors We'd Hire For Propaganda Films

Inspired by last week's flickfession of Five Came Back, a listener suggested Anderson and Bryan choose the TOP 5 MODERN DIRECTORS WE'D HIRE FOR PROPAGANDA FILMS. They agreed, and the guys discussed who they thought had the vision and ability to influence public opinion best during a time of More

Top 5 Low-Budget Films (Guest Marshall Cook)

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Director of the hilarious film Division III: Football’s Finest, Marshall Cook, joins Anderson and Bryan this week to discuss the TOP 5 LOW-BUDGET FILMS and what it was like working with Andy Dick.  But first, the guys play a clip from “Sniff Trax #1: The Human Centipede (First Sequence),” which will be available on December 9th at  Division III: Football’s Finest is available now on-demand. More


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Official Website

Cojack is an inquisitive and intelligent thinker whose raps tie together work, family, and a longtime love for partying. The music reflects a constant struggle between withdrawing from the world to study and the need to earn money painting houses. His approach to music is simple: freestyles aren’t written. Shows don’t involve 5 hypemen cramping the stage. The music is an honest-to-god portrayal of Cojack’s existence. He started rapping at local spots on the southeast side of Chicago in 2005 and has been honing his craft all-city since.

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers (Guest Rich DeMuro)

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Pass the time standing in line by listening to the TOP 5 GIFTS FOR FILM LOVERS.  KTLA-TV tech reporter, Rich DeMuro, joins Anderson and Bryan as they recommend the gifts you should buy for the film lover in your life.  Then, find out if the guys give a green light to an upcoming Tarantino film as Miss Movies joins them for a round of Red Light/Green Light. More

Big Fok

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Official Website

Big Fok is a beatmaker/producer from Durham, North Carolina. He was brought up listening to many different genres of music and his music reflects that. His sound has been described as “dark, cinematic and refreshing”. His music is based in old school and southern hip hop but you also can hear influences of blues, electronica, ambient, trance, soul, and shoegaze as well as his own original sound. Fok has been producing music for 16 years. He currently works producing tracks for artists as well as film scoring. He is always looking for an opportunity to create new music so if  you’re an artist looking for production or looking for someone to score your film, create music for a commercial, etc. please contact now.

Top 5 Movies That Take Place In A Day

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Watch the clock as Anderson and Bryan countdown the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT TAKE PLACE IN A DAY.  Before that, the guys Flickfess the movies they’ve seen in the past week including a likely contender for the upcoming Academy Awards.  Then, it’s time for the Top 5.  Anderson is excited because of his love for limited storytelling and Bryan promises his number one to be the oldest movie ever to make one of his lists. More