Summer Recap 2017

As another summer movie season winds to an end, Anderson and Bryan go through their SUMMER RECAP 2017. They talk about their favorite films of the past few More

Top 5 Uses Of The "F Word"

Working for this week's explicit rating, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 USES OF THE "F WORD." With clips to share, this episode is packed full of More

Top 5 Sacrifices

Anderson and Bryan discuss their TOP 5 SACRIFICES.  From live, beating hearts to fried chicken, each of their lists involves the death of some living More

Top 5 Smoking Scenes

Anderson and Bryan light up for the TOP 5 SMOKING SCENES. They each share their favorite moments in film that are made better by More

Classic - Top 5 Drug Addicted Characters

While Bryan is on vacation, he and Anderson dug one of the oldest classic episode aired to date out of the vault. From back when The Film Vault was a radio show, it's TOP 5 DRUG ADDICTED More

Top 5 Movies Set In The 50s

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Anderson and Bryan discuss their thoughts of this year’s Academy Award nominees right before a spirited round of Flickfessions.  Then, it’s time for the TOP 5 MOVIES SET IN THE 50s.  The guys discuss their favorite films that take place in a time before home videos even existed. More

The Wind

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Official Website

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The Wind is a vocally driven, indie rock band from Long Beach, California. The group consists of Chad Marshman (guitar, piano, vocals), Kevin Jaemes (guitar, piano, vocals), and brothers Chip (drums, percussion, vocals) and Nick (bass, vocals) Knechtel. Together they’ve spent the last five years touring and writing their ever-unique, vocal harmony textured, orchestral rock.  To categorize their sound you might imagine a style something like Harry Nilsson, Tom Waits and The Beach Boys with a healthy influence of modern indie-rock.

In 2011, they self-recorded, produced, and released their first double album, Harum-Scarum.


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Official Website

Aurora is a three piece alternative rock band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The band has played in the Midwest under a few different band names and with a collage of members for the past 7 years.  The roaring guitars, crushing drums, smooth bass lines, and hooky vocals make for a must listen on their new self titled album “Aurora”.

Top 5 Acting Performances By Athletes (Guest Dave Dameshek)

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From the NFL Network and former host of the Daves of Thunder podcast, Dr. Funny Dave Damehsek joins Anderson and Bryan to do what he does best, making lists.  After a round of Flickfessions and addressing some of the unanswered questions as to what happaned with Daves of Thunder, the guys talk about their controversial TOP 5 ACTING PERFORMANCES BY ATHLETES. More

Top 5 Good Movies You Never Want To See Again

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Anderson and Bryan discuss films they recognize as being great, but because of the content, can never revisit.  After a round of Flickfessions, the guys discuss these hard-to-watch films while trying to fight through some inappropriate laughter. More