Top 5 Movies That Influenced Your Relationships

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Promising controversy, Bryan and Anderson discuss the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT INFLUENCED YOUR RELATIONSHIP.  They explain how each of their picks changed their way of thinking at a particular time in their lives.

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Top 5 Movies Ruined By High Expectations

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Prepare to be disappointed, just as Anderson and Bryan were, by the TOP 5 MOVIES RUINED BY HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

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Top 5 (Non-Superhero) Comic Book Movies

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Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 (NON-SUPERHERO) COMIC BOOK MOVIES.  No caped crusaders, or men of steel, but great films inspired by even better panels.

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Featured Artists:

  1. Marwood’s Fall
  2. A House For Lions
  3. Good Talk Russ
  4. Kickbush
  5. Devin Cuddy
  6. Sick/Sea